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This high-rating comedy TV series about four geeky scientists and their colorful and exciting life is about to premier the first episode of season 10. The whole crew still has a lot in store for their over 16 million viewers—yes, everyone loves The Big Bang Theory!

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‘Big Bang Theory’ signals Season 10 won’t be its last

1. The Big Bang Theory Season 10 Premiere

The Big Bang Theory will start the season with a bang (or after a bang, if you watched the season 9 episode 24 The Convergence Convergence). Their first episode, The Conjugal Conjecture, will air on September 19, Monday. Make sure you don’t miss it!


Remember that Leonard’s father and Sheldon’s mother shared a bed for one night? You’ll see how everyone deals with a very awkward morning. Also, meet and get to more about Penny’s mother and brother, Susan (Katey Segal) and Randall (Jack McBrayer), as they visit town for the wedding ceremony.

There are also speculations on whether we will finally witness Sheldon’s proposal to Amy after we were left on a sad note when Amy broke up with Sheldon in the season 8 finale.

2. The Big Bang Theory Cast Gets a Pay Raise

Before the production start for Season 8 last 2014, Kaley Cuoco (Penny), Jim Parsons (Sheldon), and Johnny Galecki (Leonard) have managed to renegotiate their contracts to a whopping $1 million per episode for the next three years. The rest of the gang, Melissa Rauch (Bernadette), Mayim Bialik (Amy), Simon Helberg (Howard), and Kunal Nayyar (Rajesh), also upped their earning per show.

As of now, most of the stars have yet to secure renewed contracts. Because the deal is set to end after the tenth season, TBBT fans worry on whether there would still be this favorite for them to look forward to.

The Big Bang Theory: Showrunner Needs a Couple Episodes to Wrap Up the Series

3. Rocky Off-Screen Relationships

The Hollywood Gossip has released an article that the beloved The Big Bang Theory sweetheart is pulling the Jennifer Aniston on the set. They claim that she always have mood swings, complaining about the make-up, the dress, and everything. Her high-profile divorce with the tennis player, Ryan Sweeting, and the supposed fling with country singe,r Sam Hunt, along with her popularity, were seen as the reasons for the chaos she causes. However, the Gossip Cop debunked everything through a source from the production staff. According to the insider, the claim is “literally not at all based on reality.”

Radar Online, through their insider, revealed that Mayim Balik and Kaley Cuoco are having feuds over salary differences, with the former earning only a hundred thousand dollars per episode and the latter one million dollars. Amy allegedly badmouthed Penny over this issue, fueling the anger between the two. However, it was found out later on that Bialik never dissed her co-star or anyone else she works with, and only expressed her opinion that she feels actors are overpaid in general.


In an interview with New York Daily News, she said “I don’t think about the money a lot. I am an employed actor and we are all overpaid.” Her PR team also confirmed that there was never any feud of sorts between the two women.

The Big Bang Theory Recap: Miniature Concerns

4. Having fun on the set

Cuoco shared on her Instagram a video of her and Galecki dancing on Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment. Despite negative reports of what happens to the whole crew off-screen, the two The Big Bang theory stars seem to be having so much fun. The same can be said for everybody else. She also posted two photos of the whole crew posing in front of the elevator with their two palms facing the camera (because it’s almost the airing of season 10).

As everyone seems to be having a good time and are more than eager to work for the show, all the fans certainly hope that there are more seasons to come. Everyone definitely wants to follow the lives of the eccentric characters that the TV viewers everywhere has fallen in love with.

Stay tuned and we’ll update you with the latest The Big Bang Theory news!





Kaley Cuoco Got TV-Married To Ex Johnny Galecki On ‘Big Bang Theory’ In A Boho Wedding Dress

We don’t know what’s more troubling. That we’ve somehow allowed “The Big Bang Theory” to exist for 10 seasons or the prospect of marrying your ex-boyfriend on TV. Answer? Both.

But on this Monday’s season premiere, real-life exes Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki did just that when their TV characters, Penny and Leonard, tied the knot (for the second time) in front of their family and friends.

Cuoco and Galecki famously dated from 2008 to 2010, but somehow managed to keep their personal lives private, as their alter egos fell madly in love over the course of CBS’ long-running sitcom.

“It was such a huge part of my life and no one knew about it,” Cuoco said in a 2010 interview with CBS Watch Magazine. “This is the first time I’ve ever talked about it, ever. It was a wonderful relationship, but we never spoke a word about it and never went anywhere together.”

Rumors swirled earlier this year after Cuoco’s short-lived marriage to former tennis star Ryan Sweeting crumbled that the two had reunited after a PDA-filled night at the People’s Choice Awards. No, seriously. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other.


Too close. 

Cuoco promptly quashed any hope of a “Big Bang” reconciliation after the ceremony with a cheeky Instagram post assuring fans that there’s nothing but love ― friendly love, that is ― between the two co-stars.

The actress, for one, has moved on with a new man, professional equestrian Karl Cook, whom she began dating around April.

The two regularly post photos of one another on social media to remind you that not only is Cuoco is swimming in cash, but she also has this cute, blond athletic type on lock.

The Big Bang Theory: Showrunner Needs a Couple Episodes to Wrap Up the Series

The Big Bang Theory returned to CBS this week with its 10th season, and now fans are wondering what will happen once this season ends – is the end for The Big Bang Theory near? CBS renewed the popular comedy for three seasons after season seven, and that contract is up with this season. Could an 11th season still happen?

It is still too early to tell, but Steve Molaro spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the series and its future. He is still deep into the creation of this season, so he does not want to think of the end yet. However, he knows how long it would take him to wrap up the series if CBS decided to pull the plug at the end of this season.

He said the following:

“If I had a couple of episodes of advance warning, I’m confident we could do something meaningful, but hopefully it won’t come to that.”

See Kaley Cuoco’s ‘Big Bang Theory’ Wedding Dress From Season 10 Premiere

Bazinga! Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki may be real-life exes, but that didn’t stop them from walking down the aisle — on the season 10 premiere of The Big Bang Theory, that is.

Cuoco’s character, Penny, tied the knot with Galecki’s Leonard wearing a knee-length dress that featured intricate lace details and an illusion neckline during the Monday, September 19, show. A pink and white floral crown and white pointed-toe flats completed her wedding style. Meanwhile, Galecki looked dapper in a taupe suit paired with a diagonal-stripe tie and lace-up dress shoes. “#bts #kaleyspolaroids #leonardandpenny 💗” Cuoco, 30, captioned a Polaroid of herself and Galecki, 41, in their wedding day attire via Instagram that same night.

After a rocky start to the nuptials — including snarky side-comments from most of the main characters about love — the episode turned sweet while Penny and Leonard exchanged vows. “Leonard, standing here in front of all our family and friends is bringing up a lot of feelings — like what a good idea it was to elope the first time,” Penny quipped. “But also how incredibly happy you make me. Thank you for marrying me — hopefully for the last time.”

Leonard responded, “Penny, as a scientist, my job is to figure out why things happen. But I don’t think I’ll ever understand how someone like me could get to be with someone like you. Maybe I don’t need to understand it, I just need to be grateful. I love you, Penny!”

The costars secretly dated from 2008 to 2009, ahead of the 8 Simple Rulesactress’ nuptials to Ryan Sweeting. After Cuoco split with Sweeting in September 2015, she and Galecki briefly sparked rumors that they were romantically involved again, before denying them on Instagram, writing, “#notdating.”

Cuoco is now dating equestrian Karl Cook and gushed about the relationship during The Talk on Thursday, September 15. “I can’t stop smiling. Life is so, so good,” the horse lover shared. “I finally found my horse guy. It was very meant to be. He’s an amazing rider, amazing equestrian and a great human. We shared a passion for horses and dogs … it’s been lovely.”

The Big Bang Theory boss teases changes ahead in season 10

Who’s going to steal Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard’s (Johnny Galecki) thunder when The Big Bang Theory returns?

Ahead of the duo’s vow redo, Leonard’s dad (Judd Hirsch) may have slept with Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) mom (Laurie Metcalf), throwing a wrench into the festivities. But Leonard’s not the only one with family tension, as Penny’s mother (Katey Sagal) and drug-addict brother (Jack McBrayer) arrive for the big day with their own set of issues.

Moving forward, the geeky gang is in for some big changes: Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and Howard (Simon Helberg) prepare to welcome a baby. “We’ve known for years that she didn’t plan on having children, and the reality of all this is starting to sink in,” executive producer Steven Molaro says. The boys also face the terrifying timing of the Air Force, specifically Captain Williams (Dean Norris), inquiring about their guidance-system project. And Amy (Mayim Bialik) plans a new experiment when it comes to the living situation. “A good way to trick Sheldon [Jim Parsons] into doing things is by framing it in terms of science,” Molaro says. Here’s our full chat with Molaro about season 10:

‘The Big Bang Theory’: First look at Penny’s family!
‘The Big Bang Theory’: Are Sheldon and Amy moving in together?
Kaley Cuoco says more ‘Big Bang Theory’ is ‘a very expensive question’

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Where does season 10 pick up?
STEVE MOLARO: We are picking up the very next morning from when season 9 left off.

Will we actually get to see a wedding?
Well, everyone will arrive and everyone will give it their best shot. They will make a good go of this and some version of it will happen. It may not be the one they expected, but we will make it to a wedding, at least a wedding gathering.

How will Sheldon and Leonard react to their parents sleeping together?
They’re trying to sort their feelings out about what that might mean moving forward.

Is Sheldon excited to get a new brother?
I think he’s got a lot to parse. He’s already got one brother in his life and he’s not a fan of him. He’s had the brother experience, although I don’t think Leonard is that kind of brother that would sit on his head or things like that.

What’s Penny’s dynamic like with her family?
She’s close with her dad. As we know, her brother Randall has been a bit of trouble over the years, selling drugs and being in and out of jail, and that’s put a lot of stress on her mom, so I think the stress between her mother and her brother can make things a little tense. You will pick up on the tensions between her mother and her brother very quickly. You get a glimpse of Penny and her dad being caught in the middle of that.

How long will they stick around?
They’ll just be there for the first episode, but now the great part is we’ve got two amazing actors who have now joined our little universe and will hopefully come back again in the future.
Image Credit: Monty Brinton/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
What can you tease of the boys’ project and the introduction of Dean Norris?
We left Wolowitz wondering what exactly it was that the Air Force wants, so in the next few episodes we will get a much better idea. Dean Norris plays a colonel, who is aware of this patent and how it might be used as a military application. I can tell you that Dean is killing it and we’re already in love with him. He is a tough colonel, but also has a science background.

Will Wolowitz’s paranoia continue?
It will very much continue. Well, he’s a neurotic character, so I think his paranoia and distrust of being contacted by the military will continue for awhile.

What will we see for Bernadette and Wolowitz in terms of baby planning?
For the first few episodes, the guys find themselves so caught off guard and so wrapped up in this Air Force project, she’s a little bit on her own with this pregnancy and is in a position to turn to everybody else for support.

What events might we get to see in terms of baby planning?
It’s a little soon for all of that, but I’m sure we’ll dig into more baby type things. Right now, we’re more interested in Bernadette and how she’s mentally handling this pregnancy, which is not as well as she would have hoped. We’ve known for years that she really never liked kids and didn’t plan on having children and the reality of all this is starting to sink in.

Is there a chance we’ll get to meet Wolowitz’s father?
I can’t really say for sure, but we know the character is out there somewhere. Right now with Penny’s brother, Penny’s mom, I think we’re OK on meeting family members at the moment. Dean Norris is not his father. There is no Darth Vader turn happening here.
Image Credit: Monty Brinton/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
What are the next steps for Sheldon and Amy?
I don’t want to give away too much, but there are some big experiments in store for them and their relationship.

In terms of them living together?
It’s possible. But I’m stressing the word experiment and it’s something that would they even consider it? Well, usually it’s a good way to trick Sheldon into doing things is by framing it in terms of science.

How might that change the dynamic of the show?
Without giving away too much, there are ways that we can experiment and the show still very much feel like the show. At the end of the day, as long as those people are gathered in that living room to hang out and eat dinner, I think it will always be the show.

How does Sheldon feel about being tricked?
It’s not a trick, he’s aware of what’s happening. Everyone will have all the apprehensions of whatever they’re going to feel and they’ll work their way through it like they have for the last six years.

What next for Leonard?
Leonard is also wrapped in this Air Force project, so that’s going to be on him for the first few episodes.

What about for Raj (Kunal Nayyar) this year? Will he finally settle down?
We’re talking a lot about ways that can go, so I don’t know, but certainly things will continue in that department for him somehow.
Image Credit: Monty Brinton/Warner Bros. Entertainment
Is he still dating multiple ladies?
When we come back he is, but it’s all TBD there. He still has his parents pressuring him to find a nice Indian girl, which is ironic considering the horrendous divorce that they went through on the show. But I don’t think they’re going to stop.

How does the show change going into season 10?
The characters continue to grow, their relationships mature and we’ll just see where it takes everybody. As you know, their growth is organic and we don’t plot out an entire year, so it keeps it exciting for us, because we never know exactly what’s going to happen until it does and it can even catch us off guard in the writer’s room, which I love.

The cast will be going through contract negotiations this year. Are you confident everyone will be back?
I wish we were so far along in the season with so many episodes under our belt that that was actually a concern, but that seems so far off in the distance that I can’t even begin to wonder about it. It’s not our decision to make, but all we can do is push forward and make the best season 10 that we can and go from there.

The Big Bang Theory premiere recap: ‘The Conjugal Conjecture’

The Big Bang Theory left us with quite a cliffhanger last season. Will Sheldon and Leonard’s mom and dad hook up before the wedding? Are these two physicists destined to be more than just roommates? Chuck Lorre wastes no time answering that question, as the premiere episode picks up exactly where we left off. Sheldon is concerned Leonard’s father is doing unspeakable things to his mother, no matter how many times Penny assures him people their parents’ age probably finished doing the deed hours ago. Sheldon easily moves on to other worries: A grown man living with his brother and his brother’s wife is weird. (You think?)


Leonard’s mom, Beverly, arrives the next morning and breaks the news that she won’t be able to attend the wedding. She refuses to stay while Alfred (Leonard’s dad) parades around with a Bible-thumping bumpkin (a.k.a. Sheldon’s mom). Penny reminds Beverly that if she leaves, it will prove Alfred got under her skin. We can’t have that. Sheldon also points out that with all the coitus going on, they’ll all need a skilled psychologist. Everyone wins!

Across town, Howard is still worried the government is out to confiscate his fancy gyroscope. While he and Bernadette discuss how his paranoia landed him a $500 speeding ticket (and inability to walk a straight line, thanks to performance anxiety,) Raj answers the door and discovers a man by the name of Colonel Williams (Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris) looking dashing in a military uniform. Raj pretends Howard isn’t home and promises to relay the message to call Colonel Williams. Big brother for the win! Do you think Howard will give up his invention? What about the trust fund for future baby Wolowitz?

Meanwhile, Penny picks up her family from the airport and we finally meet her mother, Susan (played by Sons of Anarchy’s Katey Sagal). (Fun fact: Sagal portrayed Kaley Cuoco’s mom in 8 Simple Rules more than a decade ago.) We also meet Penny’s brother, played by Jack McBrayer. Randall is basically the same character as Kenneth the Page on 30 Rock, but crystal-meth tendencies have replaced the latter’s podunk innocence.

While the family with no last name makes their way to the apartment, Sheldon goes for broke and asks Alfred if he defiled his mother. I’m sure Mary’s genitals are a joy to behold, just like her son’s, but Alfred did not have coitus with Mary. They simply shared a cab. However, they have discussed visiting each other. Beverly scoffs, assuming Alfred is trying to antagonize her. Alfred admits her discomfort is a happy coincidence. Mary announces she genuinely likes Alfred and it’s Sheldon’s turn to scoff. How can she be attracted to mediocre academic acclaim and subpar sexual prowess?

Sheldon’s point? Alfred needs to slow his roll. Sheldon and Amy didn’t hold hands for two whole years. Yes, it was much hotter than it sounds, but Alfred needs to take a cold shower and Mary needs to stop making Jesus sad with all her corrupt behavior.

The time for the ceremony finally arrives, along with Stuart who scores a front-row seat between the Hofstadters. Bernadette officiates while Amy plays the harp in a beautiful outdoor pavilion. Penny professes her love for Leonard and congratulates their very smart decision to elope the first time. Leonard declares he doesn’t understand why someone like Penny could end up with someone like him, but he pushes away the apparent lack of logic and decides to just be grateful.

Suddenly, Sheldon hops up to make an announcement. He can’t wait any longer! As Amy leans in for this big moment, Sheldon storms up to join the bride and groom (you’ll get him next time, Amy!) and announces he has always considered Leonard family, even before the fornication rumors. Bernadette pronounces the trio as man and wife…and the weird other husband who came with the apartment. Mazel tov!
Theoretical Laughter
Randall: “Penny sent me cigarettes [in jail].”
Susan: “You sent him cigarettes?”
Wyatt: “He was cooking and selling crystal meth, Susan. I think we can let the cigarettes slide.”

Howard: “They know where I live!”
Bernadette: “If you want to go off the grid, you have to move out of your mother’s house.”

Susan: “We don’t want them thinking we are white trash.”
Randall: “What color trash do you think they’ll believe?”

Bernadette: “Love is patient, but it’s not going to put up with all this side chatter, so knock it off!”
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‘Big Bang Theory’ signals Season 10 won’t be its last

BURBANK, Calif. — Over the past nine seasons,The Big Bang Theory pals have found relationships, marriage and even impending parenthood, fueling fan interest in the show, still TV’s top comedy (Mondays, 8 ET/PT). Although major stars’ contracts expire next May, actors and producers say they want to continue. Now it’s a matter of negotiating the cost.

Season 10 storylines, including last week’s ceremonial wedding vows for Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki); Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and Howard (Simon Helberg)’s impending parenthood; and plans for Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and girlfriend Amy (Mayim Bialik) to try living together, illustrate the series’ evolution from its start, which featured awkward, single geniuses Sheldon and Leonard living across the hall from actress-waitress Penny.

“The growth of all the characters makes them feel like real people that we know. They’re going through journeys in their lives, like any of us are,” says executive producer Steven Molaro. “People get married, people have babies, people die. The evolution of the stories and characters is key to the show’s longevity.”

But the evolution can be slow and fitful, a healthy recipe for comedy, Parsons says. “They’re living their lives and growing a little bit. The way people do, just a little.”

CBS Entertainment president Glenn Geller said in August that he’d like Bang to extend beyond Season 10, echoing comments from Warner Bros. Television, which has profited handsomely from the series, co-created by Chuck Lorre. “Everybody involved would like to see it keep going,” Molaro says. But renewal comes down to  lots of money. Under the current three-year pact, Parsons alone earns $1 million an episode, which makes him the highest-paid actor on TV, Forbes says. (CBS and Warner Bros.are expected to share the cost of extending actors’ contracts.)

“Talk of ending does seem premature to me, even a decade in,” Parsons says. “If (the writers) remain inspired the way they have, then there’s not a lot to do but just have fun, because the scripts are a pleasure to put on.”

Adds Galecki: “When you love the characters, you can do it for 10 years, for 12 years, for however long until you happen to fall out of love.”

As Bang picks up after the season-premiere wedding vows, the men will resume  working on their guidance-system invention as Howard deals with an imposing Air Force colonel (Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris).

And Bernadette will adjust to her pregnancy. “It’s been pretty well-known that she is not that big a fan of kids, and hadn’t planned on having one,” Molaro says. “We’ll see how having this baby unexpectedly has an effect on her emotionally and professionally.”

Life for the characters will start to get very complicated when Sheldon and Amy, who lost their virginity last season, try moving in together. Sheldon has been sharing an apartment with married Leonard and Penny, so any change “touches everybody,” Molaro says.

“We will start to poke at living arrangements and how that might look and work down the line in what we will call an experiment,” Molaro says. “A pretty reliable trick with (Sheldon) is to couch things in science. Leonard actually gets him to do it by bringing it back to Star Trek.”

Bang works because it celebrates intelligence while also laughing at its pitfalls, saysKunal Nayyar, who plays Raj, a shy man who once could only speak to women while drunk but now has two girlfriends.

“We celebrate nerd culture and smart people,” he says. But “no matter how smart you are, you still have the same, if not more, problems.”

‘Big Bang Theory’ actor Jim Parsons tops list of highest paid TV actors

LOS ANGELES ( – “The Big Bang Theory” actors fill the top four slots of the 2016 “highest paid TV actors” list released by Forbes on Thursday.

Jim Parsons once again leads the pack with $25.5 million (before management fees and taxes). The four time Emmy-winning actor and his co-star Johnny Galecki, who is second on the list, both command a $1 million per episode salary. Still, “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara, who topped the list for female TV actors clobbers their earnings with $43 million.

Simon Helberg, who also scored a supporting role in “Florence Foster Jenkins,” is third on the list with $22.5 million. Kunal Nayyar is the fourth and final star of the CBS sitcom to round out the top of the list.

While Vergara’s earnings easily top her “Modern Family” co-stars, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O’Neill and Eric Stonestreet all cracked the top 15 for the men.
15. Justin Chambers — $9.5 million

14. David Duchovney — $10 million

13. Michael Weatherly — $10 million

12. Kevin Spacey — $10.5 million

11. Eric Stonestreet — $11 million

10. Ed O’Neil — $11.5 million

9. Ray Romano — $12 million

7. Jesse Tyler Ferguson — $12 million (tie)

7. Nathan Fillion — $12 million (tie)

6. Ty Burrell — $12.5 million

5. Mark Harmon — $20 million

4. Kunal Nayyar — $22 million

3. Simon Helberg — $22.5 million

2. Johnny Galecki — $24 million

1. Jim Parsons — $25.5 million

Meanwhile, Vergara is the world’s highest-paid TV actress for the fifth year in a row, according to Forbes. With $43 million (before management fees and taxes), her salary is almost $20 million more than that of runner-up Kaley Cuoco, who earned $24.5 million. Unlike the list of film stars, she makes more than her male counterparts.

Aside from the hit ABC sitcom, Vergara can also thank a handful of lucrative product endorsements (from Head and Shoulders to Ninja Coffee Bar to Careisma Scrubs — a line of medical scrubs) for the 66 percent spike in earnings over the previous year.

Here’s the list of the highest paid actresses on TV:

15. Zooey Deschanel — $7 million

14. Julia Louis-Dreyfus — $7.5 million (tie)

13. Emily Deschanel — $7.5 million (tie)

12. Patricia Heaton — $8.5 million

11. Pauley Perrette — $9.5 million

10. Julie Bowen — $10 million

9. Julianna Margulies — $10.5 million

8. Priyanka Chopra — $11 million

7. Stana Katic — $12 million

6. Kerry Washington — $13.5 million

5. Mariska Hargitay — $14.5 million (tie)

4. Ellen Pompeo — $14.5 million (tie)

3. Mindy Kaling — $15 million

2. Kaley Cuoco — $24.5 million

1. Sofia Vergara — $43 million

‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 10 Spoilers: Episode 3 Synopsis Released; What Will Happen In ‘The Dependence Transcendence’?

Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) will have a hard time keeping up with Howard (Simon Helberg) and Leonard’s (Johnny Galecki) late night work schedules in an upcoming episode of “The Big Bang Theory” Season 10.

In “The Dependence Transcendence,” Sheldon will not be pleased with how serious Howard and Leonard have become in making sure that their invention is flawless when they hand it over to the Air Force. Howard and Leonard stay up very late to work on their invention, and it seems that Sheldon will eventually get fed up with this, according to the show’s spoiler site.

Meanwhile, “The Big Bang Theory” Season 10, episode 3 will also feature Raj (Kunal Nayyar) spending some quality time with Bernadette (Melissa Rauch). The latter, who is pregnant with her and Howard’s first child, is experiencing mood swings. In episode 2, Bernadette got upset over the person who spilled the news of her pregnancy at work. It turned out that Penny (Kaley Cuoco) had been the one to spill the beans.

Following Monday night’s “The Military Miniaturization” episode, Glamour noted how Bernadette is becoming a notable character on primetime television. In one of the scenes, she voiced out her disappointment over how some people would judge her based on her height, looks, as well as the sound of her voice. “I’ve always been treated differently,” she told Amy (Mayim Bialik).

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Steve Molaro said that Bernadette will feel alone in her pregnancy, especially with her husband being busy with his invention. “For the first few episodes, the guys find themselves so caugh off guard in this Air Force project, she’s a little bit on her own with this pregnancy and is in a position to turn to everybody else for support,” he explained.

“The Big Bang Theory” Season 10 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ “The Big Bang Theory” Season 10 will see Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) seeking support from Amy (Mayim Bialik), Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) while her husband Howard (Simon Helberg) is busy with his new invention. 

The Big Bang Theory Recap: Miniature Concerns

Despite the intimidating presence of Dean Norris’s gruff Air Force Colonel Williams, Howard and Leonard are firmly against using their quantum gyroscope to help the military create a “weapons system that will oppress mankind for the next thousand years.” Too late now, though.

Despite the efforts of Messrs. Wolowitz and Hofstadter to keep Sheldon’s lips zipped while they hash out details of a possible collaboration with the government, his quiet is short-lived. What could possibly make Sheldon break his silence? Williams makes him apoplectic by suggesting the Death Star is part of the Star Trek universe, MIT is a great school, and engineers are better than scientists. (Jim Parsons’s physical reaction is the highlight of the episode.) Let’s just take these one by one, shall we? Per Sheldon: Death Star is a Star Wars thang, MIT is a trade school, and he and his friends can make a miniaturized version of the gyroscope in far less time than MIT estimates it would take. Whoops!

Suddenly, Howard, Leonard, and Sheldon have to whip up a mini-gyroscope in a mere two months. (That is, two months of 12-hour days, seven days a week.) It’s enough to make you feel sorry for them, almost, until you remember that they should have found a way to keep their meeting Sheldon-free.

Elsewhere in this lackluster episode, we learn just how mean teeny, tiny, little Bernadette can be. Sure, Penny is wrong to accidentally blab about Bernie’s pregnancy at work — Bernie worries it will cost her the chance to work on a project she really wants — but there’s a deeper issue at play here. Bernadette’s personality has been boiled down to basically two characteristics: repeatedly reminding everyone how miniature she is, and barking at her friends so frequently that they’re all terrified in spite of her petite stature. In this episode alone, she threatens to sue her boss, yells at Amy for bringing her a healthy snack instead of French fries, and admits to sabotaging the career of the co-worker who she suspects was trying to sabotage hers.

The scant takeaways from this, just the second episode of a 24-installment season: Sheldon’s a control freak, and Bernadette’s crabby. No news there. The only reason to keep The Big Bang Theory going is if the characters continue to evolve, even if it’s in (echoing a theme of this episode) the most miniature of ways. Ten seasons in, that’s pretty much the only thing left to do, isn’t it?


  • Here’s a quick fix: Why not fly Penny’s brother Randall back to Pasadena? This show is dying for another Jack McBrayer cameo.
  • A quibble: Sheldon likes few things more than being in charge, so it doesn’t make sense that he would get so excited about becoming a “faceless cog in the military industrial complex.” He tells his friends he fantasizes about being a Stormtrooper when he watches Star Wars, but we can all agree that if Sheldon Cooper were to be a big-screen baddie, he’d opt for Darth Vader, right?
  • According to Sheldon, Elon Musk thinks life may be a video game created by a more advanced civilization. Leonard doubts it. “So, some alien kid spent his money on the asthma-and-glasses upgrade for me?” he asks. Sheldon: “Well, he doesn’t say it’s a good game.”
  • Given her access to pharmaceuticals, Penny suggests Bernadette get Howard some anti-anxiety drugs for his dealings with the Air Force. “He won’t take any pills that aren’t chewable and shaped like a Flintstone,” Bernie replies.
  • Do appreciate the vocab lesson from Sheldon, who denies being a know-it-all, but knows that the German word for one is “besserwisser.”
  • With the introduction of a retina scanner, TBBT continues its long history of using props to great comedic effect. (See also: Raj’s giant teddy bear from season nine.) There’s one at the entrance to Howard, Leonard, and Sheldon’s new office, and they spend a lot of time and effort to test its effectiveness in recognizing their peepers. And I do mean a lot of time: They even hold Howard upside down in front of it.